Talk to Me

Group Exhibition, Andersen’s Contemporary, Copenhagen

Photos : Malle Madsen

Kamil Dossar’s series “Talk to Me” meditates on memory and how it is harnessed by the body. In the works, cast-compositions juxtapose opposing materials that are marked by traces of decay, and serve as analogs for qualities of mind and body. Dossar’s approach is somewhat archeological, revisiting the art historical traditions of relief. Here, Dossar transposes the intrinsic relationship between the tradition of relief and storytelling to new associations, using the sculptural qualities both as a spatial body and as a surface for language. In his retelling, we find a true ambiguity in language, highlighting the precarious nature of recollections and the violence of permanence embedded in the material. This outpouring confronts our narrations and dispositions, our pain, traumas, and longings, which are stored within us, in flesh, but carry a great potential for healing.  

- Post Brothers

What If Everything Were the Same But No One Talked
45,7 x 64,3 x 4,5 cm
Alluminium, Jesmonite, Cast


97 x 59 x 4,5 cm
Bronze, Cast, Casein



(From left)
17 x 34,5 x 3,5 cm
30 x 26 x 3,5 cm
52,5 x 28 x 3,5 cm
Copper, Cast, Alluminium, Iron, Steel, Bronze